Samantha Simpson, Posture & Yoga Coach in Indianapolis

Samantha Simpson, a posture and yoga coach located in Indianapolis, will help you meet your body and lifestyle goals. So if you are ready to transform your life, Samantha can help you define your goals and set you on the path to achieve a healthy mind, body, and soul, allowing you to feel more confident, healthy, and strong.

The Bowspring Postural Method

Samantha uses a cutting-edge modality known as the Bowspring Postural template along with behavior modification methods to affect positive change. The practice can have a tremendous positive effect on the mind and body. She is a devoted practitioner and teacher of Bowspring yoga, and the only Bowspring teacher in Indiana. Learn more about the benefits of Bowspring and Samantha’s Bowspring story.

Learn More About How Samantha Can Help You

Samantha works privately with clients to help them acheive their body and mindset goals. She is able to offer in person coaching, virtual coaching, group instruction, and periodically, she offers private workshops. Her clients are high achieving women, accomplished athletes, and children and teens struggling with anxiety, depression, autism, and ADHD.

For Women

Samantha specializes in empowering women to be STRONGER in body and mind. If you aim to be more balanced with your health and body, Samantha teaches techniques and methods to help you achieve the shape you desire with a focus on relieving joint pain and increasing strength and flexibility. Samantha knows the secrets to help you attain boundless amounts of energy. She will help you find purpose, confidence, courage, and emotional & physical resilience. She works with busy moms, independent entrepreneurs, or women of any age who want to learn a movement system that has a mind and body connection.

For Athletes & Yogis

Samantha also works with male and female athletes of all ages to become more competitive in their fields. Samantha holds extensive knowledge in techniques to improve your strength, stamina, and speed, as well as help you incorporate methods into your routines to reduce stress, surpass training plateaus, and heal injuries naturally. The Bowspring body alignment can be applied to your sport in a functionally optimal way to balance muscles, awaken dormant areas of the body, heal repetition injuries, and help you recruit more strength and speed!

As a Bowspring yoga teacher, Samantha works with yogis who wish to deepen their practice and explore deeper somatic awareness by helping those with hypermobility find more balanced strength as well as help yogis  heal from wear and tear from repetitive movement injury.

For Teens & Children

Samantha has worked extensively with typically and atypically developing children and teens. Occasionally, she takes on children or teen clients who experience social anxiety and depression, ADHD, are on the autism spectrum, or have physical struggles that prevent them from fully enjoying physical play or sport. 

Samantha can help children and teens balance their strength, be more coordinated in activities, positively balance their social relationships and create more connections, and feel more confident. Many of us have problems focusing due to extreme anxiety and depression, or ADHD; Samantha’s own struggles with both have been positively impacted through the power of the Bowspring practice which has profoundly helped her overcome the obstacles holding her back from living her best life.

The most challenging hurdle most people face when instilling life, health, and relationship changes into your lifestyle is accountability. As private coach, she will be one hundred percent dedicated to you and hold you accountable during the time you work together.

Learn more about working privately with Samantha and how she may benefit you!

Speaking Engagements

Not only is Samantha an accomplished posture and yoga coach, she is a public speaker. Samantha is available to book for speaking engagements in topics such as healthy posture in the workplace & home, leadership, social behavior, Bowspring yoga, and focus and energy in the workplace. Book Samantha for a speaking engagement or workshop for your corporate event, conference, trade show, meeting, women’s group, co-working space, workplace, holistic gathering, yoga studio, gym, or other special event!

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