The Bowspring Postural Method, Taught by Samantha Simpson

As a posture and yoga coach, Samantha Simpson uses a modality known as the Bowspring Postural Method. Introduced to the Bowspring in 2017, she researched the new practice and was intrigued with what she learned. She implemented the posture into her daily activities and experienced life changing results immediately. Now she devotes herself to teaching the Bowspring practice so that others may reap the positive benefits to the mind, body, and soul.

So, What Is Bowspring?

“The Bowspring Method is based on a curvy, dynamic, and open posture that aligns the body in a position of readiness. The alignment allows us to move with lightness and fluid power like a graceful animal. The postural template of The Bowspring can be applied to any yoga pose, functional or athletic movement for optimal performance and can help relieve pain associated with patterns of misalignment. The Bowspring alignment is accessible for people of all ages worldwide, can be applied to all daily activities such as walking, sitting, and standing. Bowspring classes are now taught in cities in North America, Europe and the Far East. The system was founded by Desi Springer.”

Samantha’s Discovery of Bowspring

Samantha first learned about Bowspring from an Airbnb guest that knew her a yoga teacher. Her guest suggested that she tilt her pelvis forward in her practice, instead of tucking her tailbone. Considering that all of her previous yoga teachers, physical therapists, and proponents of the old postural method insisted that you tuck your tailbone or keep your pelvis in a neutral position, she felt reluctant about this new posture. 

Out of curiosity, Samantha looked up the Bowspring method and learned it was a new and innovative practice originating in Denver. After she researched the new practice, she felt compelled enough by her findings to experiment with the new posture. 

The next day at her nine to five job, she spent her time walking around with an anterior pelvic tilt. At the end of a typical day, Samantha felt heaviness and fatigue in her pelvic floor, as well as abdominal pain & disturbance, and lower back pain. 

To her surprise, at the end of the day experimenting with this posture, she felt a lightness and relief in her legs, hips, lower back, and all the way down to the heels of her feet, a sensation she had never felt before. 

It was in that moment that she knew this posture was the real thing and was eager to study the practice even more.

Learning & Transitioning to the Bowspring ​

Immediately, Samantha dove into studying the Bowspring practice. Within a few weeks, she realized she no longer felt it ethical to continue teaching modern postural yoga and resigned from all her yoga teaching jobs, with the exception of one she believed they would be receptive and open to this new practice. After about a year of transitioning from yoga to the Bowspring method, she now exclusively teaches Bowspring and is the only teacher in the state of Indiana.

At the time when Samantha was learning the Bowspring, there were no other teachers near her area, so she practiced remotely with instructors in Denver, California, and Canada. On her Bowspring journey, she has traveled to Denver, Austin, and Chicago to study Bowspring with the source and founders John Friend and Desi Springer. Currently, she continues working with her instructors and participates in weekly virtual group classes

Bowspring and Its’ Positive Physical & Mental Impact

Samantha practices the Bowspring for the same reasons she was practicing yoga; to experience peace through mindful body movement and exercise. She prefers Bowspring over yoga because she feels her body opening up and healing; her posterior chain is stronger (glutes, hamstrings, trapezius), and she no longer succumbs to hyper-mobility with the Bowspring method. The practice has changed Samantha by making her more socially adept, a better communicator, and she feels more confident in herself, everything she does, and everywhere she goes; feelings she lacked when practicing modern postural yoga. 

The versatility of Bowspring is astounding; it can be applied to any activity you partake in, whether it be athletic or sitting at a desk. Bowspring makes every movement more functional. Learn more about how Bowspring can change your life!

“That’s why I do it and it feels damn good!”
Samantha Simpson
Bowspring Teacher
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