Samantha Simpson: Posture, Yoga & Mindset Coach. Bowspring Teacher. Public Speaker. Powerful Woman.

Samantha Simpson, a posture & yoga coach and speaker located in Indianapolis, teaches you how to hold your body in a new way that promotes physical healing, emotional resilience, confidence in your body, boundless energy, and social brilliance. She is a devoted practitioner and teacher of the Bowspring yoga, focused on empowering women, athletes, adults and teens.

A long time practitioner and teacher of modern postural yoga, Samantha discovered the revolutionary Bowspring posture and movement system in 2017 and has since devoted her life to learning and sharing her passion for this healing modality. She combines experience from her extensive training in behavior therapy with natural healing, meditation, and breath work modalities to inform her work as a holistic body and mindset coach.

Her journey has led her to healing from chronic depression and anxiety, ADHD, IBS, and pelvic floor dysfunction and it is her mission to share this information with others. Read about how Samantha may be able to help you.

Samantha's Bowspring Facebook Group

Join Samantha's Facebook group to participate in live weekly classes and to learn more about the Bowspring posture!

Drop In for a Bowspring Class

Samantha teaches weekly Bowspring classes at EPIC Climbing & Fitness, Monday at 6pm, and at The Playful Soul, Tuesday at 7pm.

Fun Facts about Samantha

Samantha is a devoted U2 fan and has been known to que for three days for a coveted front row spot at a concert. She has traveled as far as Paris to see them in the front row. Once, Bono even handed her his harmonica!

Samantha also enjoys cultural events in her city and she is passionate about live theatre. 

She loves challenging herself with new athletic activities in the Bowspring posture such as acrobatics, ice skating, slackline walking, and dancing. 

She hopes to one day try surfing; although she has never surfed, she knows she will be able to hang 10 on her first try with the power of the Bowspring balance in her toolbox.

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