Client Praise for Posture & Yoga Coach, Speaker, and Bowspring Yoga Teacher, Samantha Simpson

Samantha Simpson, posture & yoga coach, and speaker, Bowspring yoga teacher has helped her clients achieve their various goals over the years, whether it be fitness goals, mindset goals or life goals in general. Please take a moment to read about how Samantha has helped transform the lives of her clients!

“The Chiropractor keeps me off pain-meds and now Bowspring is keeping me out of the Chiropractor’s office. Yay to baby steps!”
-Maggie R.

“I have been studying Bowspring Yoga under Samantha for several months. The results have been nothing short of amazing. She has rehabbed my knee after surgery (now no pain) and opened up functional movements within my body I thought I would never have again. I look forward to each learning session with her and tell all my friends and family, if they want to feel better and stronger then get in touch with Samantha.”
Kirk R.

“I feel so good about myself. Thanks to you I have learned the Bowspring and have found new movement in my body I didn’t know I had!”
-Kim T.

“Samantha Simpson is an amazing coach and really helped me feel confident again. After my second baby my body wasn’t bouncing back like it was before. With Samantha’s help and the Bowspring Method I’m losing inches, gaining strength and confidence. I highly recommend her! Amazing!”
-Abby N.

“So this is gonna sound weird but…I totally felt my fascia open up last night. It was pretty awesome!! I heard it pop.”
-Toni S.

“Learning how to walk on my paws has been quite a journey, however it is starting to feel more natural. I feel like a gorilla walking like this. Powerful and mystical. And most of all I feel courageous with my back and chest out, rounded rib cage and eyes to the horizon.”
-Stephen F.

“I just wanted to say thank you! My upper left neck area where I have that injury is finally pain-free! I think all that old scar tissue has been broken up and the fascia has been stretched back out! It’s amazing, I can look up and the pain isn’t there. I just keep looking up over and over again to make sure it’s real!”
-Maggie R.

“You give honest, non judgmental criticisms from a place that seems very nurturing and empowering. You gave me hope and direction…You give a lot of out of the box thinking that has been helpful.”

“I’m so excited to report that I’m feeling so much better after these last couple weeks. My posture is better, my back has finally quit hurting and my clothes are already starting to fit better. Yay! Thank you!”
-Sara S.

“I really have personally learned a lot from you. And your intro course was amazing!!!”
-Christopher Y.

“Working Samantha’s program I have lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks with very little effort!!!! Thanks Sam!!!”
-Lisa D.

“As my personal Bowspring teacher, Samantha has taden my practice above and beyond, increasing my self-awareness practice. She is phenomenal and very approachable. If you haven’t done so, I highly recommend you contact her!”
-Gina C.

“Thank you again! What a beautiful experience. I’m so grateful!! Music means so much to me and Bowspring has opened up a whole new door to it. I’m finding movement and emotion that an instructor can’t teach. It’s given my violin a new voice. As well as a peace that I want to share with everyone. I am so grateful.”
-Mary A.

“Working with Samantha Simpson has been an incredible experience.  I don’t think I could I could have survived my current work schedule without applying what I’ve learned in Samantha’s classes.  And my glutes have been very happy!”
-Joy D.

“Ever since (working with Samantha) I get up and down from the floor so much faster!”

“In the car the other day I had to move the headrest up for the first time ever. I’m actually getting taller!”

“I just had my second virtual Bowspring session with the wonderfully talented Samantha Simpson, and already feel a difference in my posture and chronic pain. This is different than yoga and it’s not certified physical therapy, but lives (in my opinion) somewhere beautiful between those two aspects.”
-Samantha D.

“I don’t feel like I’m falling forward anymore. My center of gravity has changed.”

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