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Samantha Simpson, posture and yoga coach works privately with clients in Indianapolis, throughout the U.S and globally. Samantha can help you reach your specific goals and works with women, men, adults, teens, athletes, and yogis. Working with Samantha can have many positive physical and mental effects. Physically, Samantha can help you improve your posture, build a healthier and more agile body as well as help you attain more energy while relieving some of your aches and pains. Mentally, she can help you gain clarity in your life direction, improve your confidence, and improve your overall mindset.

Samantha’s goal for you is for YOU to succeed! She begins your transformation process by tailoring a plan that is right for you and your goals. Next, she teaches you how to make the changes necessary and supports you during your time together. When you have attained the goals you sought to set, you will utilize the tools and modalities shared with you by Samantha and translate them into your life and practices. 

Samantha works with clients in person and virtually. She tailors her coaching to an individual’s personal needs. Stop putting off a new, healthier you and contact Samantha now!

Private Coaching with Samantha

For Women

Samantha works with women from all walks of life; busy moms, entrepreneurs, women with careers or established and sound in life looking to increase confidence, ease pain, increase strength and flexibility, and become more connected with emotions.

Samantha can help women:

  • Get physically stronger
  • Have more flexibility
  • Improve your posture
  • Gain more confidence
  • Manifest more opportunities and money
  • Find clarity in your life’s direction
  • Sculpt your body
  • Release limiting thought patterns
  • Heal physical and emotional wounds
  • Learn a functional posture that shapes your body in the activities you do in your daily life

Women clients will learn about:

  • Bowspring movement and postural training 
  • Exploration of your current and limiting postural habits, your body language, and your mindset blocks
  • Breathwork and meditation training
  • Diet and movement accountability
  • Goal setting and accountability

For Athletes & Yogis

Samantha works with male and female athletes, yogis, and active individuals who wish to become stronger and more competitive.

Samantha can help athletes, yogis, and active people:

  • Become stronger, faster, more competitive
  • Reduce stress
  • Surpass training plateaus
  • Heal injuries naturally      
  • Deepen your yoga practice and explore deeper somatic awareness
  • Find more balanced strength if you have hypermobility issues
  • Get visible results, fast   

Athlete and yogi clients will learn:

  • Intensive Bowspring posture and movement training
  • Breathwork
  • Body mindfulness train

For Children & Teenagers

On occasion, Samantha will work with children and teenagers that struggle with stress, depression, extreme anxiety, autism, and ADHD and work with them to help transform them from the inside out. 

Samantha can help children and teenagers:

  • Become stronger and more coordinated in play and activities
  • Be stronger in sports
  • Increase social confidence to attract quality friends
  • Feel calm and comfortable
  • Look good and feel good

Services for children and teenagers include:

  • Posture, movement and Bowspring yoga training


Group Instruction with Samantha

Bowspring Classes at EPIC Climbing and Fitness

Samantha teaches Bowspring at EPIC Climbing and Fitness in Indianapolis. Join Samantha for a class every Monday evening at 6pm! Contact Samantha for more information about the class at EPIC, or if you are ready, sign up for a Bowspring class using the Sign Up button below!

Bowspring Classes at The Playful Soul

Samantha teaches Bowspring at The Playful Soul in Broad Ripple Tuesdays at 7:00pm. Sign up for a Bowspring class using the Sign Up button below

Workshops & Group Programs

Samantha also periodically offers in person workshops as well as virtual group programs.


Drop In for a Bowspring Class

Samantha teaches weekly Bowspring classes at EPIC Climbing & Fitness, Monday at 6pm, and at The Playful Soul, Tuesday at 7pm.

Interested in Working with Samantha?

Book a complimentary 45-minute Strategy Session with Samantha today to determine a plan that is right for you!

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